Sunday, August 2, 2009

Strange Flower !

Its Friendship Day. Its time to thank all my dear soul mates who have been with me all through my life. My friends are the 'Strange Flowers'. The flowers which spreads immense love , fun , art of understanding others. You need not ask them for these,they spread them as if they are here for this purpose.Life is all about guessing whats next ?!.and i love to live the way it comes with my 'Strange Flower'...I am lucky and privileged to make a lots of 'Strange Flowers'...

To my dear friend !

" Thanks dear ! thanks for accepting me the way I am , thanks for showering me with what ever you had, thanks for sharing your wonderful family with me....I might not me your gud/best friend but i swear that am always there for you..."


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"Friendship is like a butterfly.
It goes where it pleases and
it pleases wherever it goes "

Here am listing out my friends who I value a lot

(look dear this list is not based on any specific basis...its purely based on time we met )

kevin ( kiwi kutti.., my good friend 4 d past 11 yrs ) ,

vinoth ( i cant forget d days which we enjoyed n school am happy that it continues till now da.....thank ) ,

shankar ( nathari , mama...most understanding guy neva seen) ,

sooraj ( gold , sue....attracts u wit his innocent ....he is also a trail brazer ) ,
pravin ( pra , b*k*n*)

navneeth ( summa scene poduvan !....but loyal !)

Gokulnath(we have discussed everything ranging from chemistry formula e to girls)

Vasanthapriyan(you need to spend time with him to understand him)

Saran(sleeping beauty)

Jain(the entire world calls MJ as 'king of pop' but in my world MJ(Mohamed Jain) stands for 'king of Questions'...he is always there 2 drive you bad with this questions... billah , superb guy )

Srini(for determination & hard work you can take him as an example)

Deepak(hmmm...well organized guy)

(innovation stands as a trademark of aswin)

Gokul(child dumped into the body of 21....hope he has to grow a lot)

Swetha(beware of this gal..sorry boy-Tomboy! she is there to read each and everyone as a book !)

JV(milky boy ! he is there to help her ! hahhaha :P )

Aravinth(always there to enquire about ur day-to-day works)

harini , aarthi ,saranya

Mathi ,raghu,santhosh, maran,bala , nithi,
balaji.S , gobal , jiya, zarook , kalai, suicide ,
malar ,siva , sathish(kodikaren),abhilash ,
(brilliant guy),julien , krishna sandeep ,
balaji , Harisankar. safi .

all my school and college friends and mates.

I've seen these ppl supporting me , Cheering me up whenever I felt bad..thanks !

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Dreamgirl said...

Thanks for visiting me at Sweeter Homes today. I appreciate your comment too...

Have a great weekend!

aSwIn kUmAr said...

happy friendship day too a strange yet colourful flower in my garden of life.......


Deepak said...

hey man it is nice....u forgot to mention abt jain's ever smiling face.....but indeed wat u have mentioned abt him (boy wid queries) is true....he has driven me mad a lot of timez in the bus :).....thnks dude....i wanna b ur "strange flower" always n vice-versa....:)

pranksygang said...

Happy friendship's day priyan.. you are one of my best friend and you are never angry at me even i dont respond to your well when you chat!!...

Susan said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! I appreciate your comment, too!
have a happy Wednesday

noble beeyotch said...

So sweet of you to call your friends 'soul mates'. That was very touching!

Toothfairynotes said...

how cool! happy late friendship day!


Laila Of Course! said...

Thanks for your comment!! And be sure and follow-- I will definitely follow you back, then. :)

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