Sunday, January 25, 2009

flat n slim bulb

"how to have a flat abdomen!??!...' this is the most asked questions in wiki how' or ' e how' . when every 1 wants to have everything flat n slim around them rite from d tv to monitor screen . They forgot the bulb on the roof ! now its time for the bulb to be flat n slim.


Korean designer Joonhuyn Kim has reinvented the classic incandescent light bulb by putting it into a flat glass enclosure.


Kim claims the new bulbs take up just 1/3rd of the space of a conventional bulb, making them easier to pack and ship. And since they’re not round, they won’t roll off the table when you’re changing your bulbs.


And they just look cool. And taste good too. At least that’s what I got from the photo below:


At this point, the flat bulb is only a design prototype, but if Kim ever manages to get these produced, I’ll replace all the bulbs in my house with ‘em.

now everything around us is flat ! (enuf ..?!)

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inty swetha said...

4m where do u get such crazy stuffs man??.. itzz really good blog...