Wednesday, December 2, 2009

If I were

If I were a book, you would have read me and by this time i would have been in your bookshelf. Slowly I would become a part of your Library and then a part of your knowledge.

If I were your personal diary, I will probably last your lifetime, even if you stop using me after a while. You’ll keep me under lock and key, and no one else will read it. You will always treasure me.

If I were a bike, then you would love me when your riding with your sweet ones.

If I were a real greeting card, you must have looked at me fondly, caressed me as if I were precious. You may not look at me again for many years, but I’ll be stashed away in some drawer of “memories”. Some day, you will enjoy nostalgia going through that drawer.

If I were a photo from your childhood, I will be stuck in some family album. This family album will be a great source of joy during holidays when the whole family is together.

If I were a blog post, I will live for a few years at best. That is, unless my blog is hacked or accidentally wiped out. I will be happy if your children know the name of my blog.

If I were a JPEG, I’d be one among the millions on Picasa or Flickr. you would be happy in sharing your insanity with your pals. Then in years i would help you in refreshing your memories.

If I were an email, my life in your inbox will be a few hours. After you’ve read me, I will be deleted or archived, and forgotten forever.


Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Very romantic and mushy post.

I guess anyone who departed from you, would come back after reading this.

It has that intensity :)

First time here and liked the way you have managed your blog :)

Keep writing :)

See you around sometime :)


pRiYaN...! said...

-->@ Mahesh Sindbandge
Welcome to my blog and thanks for your valuable and encouraging comment....

'If I were' is just the words of my heart and am happy that you liked it...

keep visiting..

Pins N Ashes said...

How come these thoughts never crop up in my mind!! wonderful idea Priayn....

on a lighter thought: Abt the email bit, who deletes emails these days, because we've got space n more space...

cya around

aSwIn kUmAr said...

As usual excellent dude.....let me try something....
"If I Were" GOD: I will appear in the dreams of depressed people and give them you blog address!!

Yellow Tulip said...

lovely post:)...very romantic:)

camilynn said...


Good one on If I were.

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